Remove the barriers

So often when we try to engage people with a new idea, or sell a new product or even launch a movement, we’re so wrapped up in making our idea awesome that we forget to consider the barriers that might get in the way for people. Having recently done some work with Hairdressing businesses all…

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New Ideas: Ding dong mediocrity is dead

A lot of marketers are lamenting the death of ‘traditional advertising’ and the demise of the communications world as we know it. “We’re all going to die!” is the catch cry delivered in a tone of voice that would make Lost In Space’s Doctor Smith look ruggedly heroic. The truth is, ideas aren’t dying –…

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We’re awesome at everything

OK, clearly that’s a lie. The truth is, we’re all good at a few things but exceptional at only one or two. Yet so many marketers spend a fortune trying to convince us that they’re good at everything. “We want to say we’re good value… but not cheap… and good quality… but accessible… with friendly…

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