4 ways to avoid unconscious bias and situational blindness

By Dan Gregory   Most of what we believe, even with conviction and assuredness, may possibly be completely mistaken or, at least, fundamentally flawed.  Now, that is quite a statement, but it bears thinking about and indeed reviewing with the cold and emotionless detachment of an independently appointed statistician. This can be a particularly important consideration;…

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Gen Ys and Millennials: ‘They Might Be Right’

by Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan Originally published with SUCCESS The Gen Y and millennial generations have been harshly criticized by its Gen X and baby boomer counterparts, people who have survived economic downturns, recessions, the digital revolution, outsourcing and off-shoring and still managed to maintain their “greed is good” work ethic. So they…

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Why leaders need to think Selfish, Scared & Stupid

By Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan Originally published by CEO Magazine Today leaders are largely defined by two characteristics: an aptitude for making hard decisions; for reading situations and demonstrating credible judgment whilst amplifying certainty, and secondly, an ability to influence others; to persuade, to inspire and to shift hearts and minds. Both of…

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