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Dan Gregory is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of The Impossible Institute™, a strategic think-tank that helps organisations make positive change and make change positive! 

A Business & Behavioural Strategist, Dan Gregory works as a speaker, author, consultant and social commentator. His passion is #ChangeLeadership & Influence – what inspires and drives change in our people, our communities and ourselves.

He helps leaders, managers, sales teams, marketers and high performing individuals understand what inspires action, influences behaviour, lights people up and builds cultures of the willing.

Dan has also developed new product lines for Coca-Cola and Unilever, invented new media formats for News Corp, created interaction systems for categories as diverse as fast food chains and government departments and launched internal and external engagement campaigns for companies as varied as Vodafone, MTV and the United Nations

In that time, Dan:

  • Directed the strategic and creative team behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history with business partner, Kieran Flanagan
  • Oversaw the most successful brand resurrection achieved anywhere in the world
  • Served as a Director on the White Ribbon Board and works as an ambassador to make violence against women a man's issue too
  • Became a Partner and Ambassador for Thought Leaders Global - an organisation dedicated to helping smart people be commercially smart also.

Dan Gregory is a captivating speaker whose business acumen is matched by a rapier wit and rare human insight gained during a three year sabbatical working on the US and UK stand-up comedy circuits – skills put to great use in front of millions of viewers as a regular on ABC TV’s “Gruen” series and the Network 7 Sunrise program's "Masters of Spin".

(Photo courtesy of David Prichard)


How to motivate anyone (even you)

#Archetypes #Strengths #Weaknesses

Learn how to “read the room” and motivate anyone by understanding our default thinking frames and the four core personality archetypes.


All of us view the world through certain filters, lenses or archetypes. These are often referred to as unconscious biases, prejudices or habitual behaviours, but in truth, they are more fundamental to who we are and how we are influenced and motivated.

These filters are explained by personality archetypes or dispositions - a field of study dating back to Aristotle and the ancient Chinese. But rather than simply viewing these characteristics as immutable strengths or weaknesses, it helps to see them as propensities that we can work with to drive engagement and understanding.

This is incredibly useful in understanding why we procrastinate in certain circumstances and not in others, why friction points develop between otherwise high-performing members of our teams and why customers and the community can often misunderstand the intentions behind our communications.


For leaders, managers, sales people and teams who want to increase their self-awareness, improve the communications skills and optimise their human insight and understanding.


  • Clearer communication and engagement within teams
  • Reduced friction through understanding where disagreements originate
  • A better read on customers and what informs their decision making
  • Self-awareness that helps amplify strengths while working with weaknesses
  • An ability to identify visual and behavioural cues and verbal “hastags”

The Persuader's Art

#Persuasion #Engagement #Communication

Increase your influence, maximise your communications skills and become more professionally persuasive.


We are all in the business of selling - whether we’re a leader trying to move a team to action, a business person wanting to shift some product or services, or a parent trying to sell “bedtime and broccoli - which makes an ability to shift perceptions, people and products the killer app.

Despite this, few of us have truly invested the requisite time in studying the art of persuasion. 

Fortunately, Dan Gregory is like the nerdy kid you pay to do your homework for you - he has dedicated 30 years to the study of human behaviour, psychology and persuasion and has curated the best of this information into a keynote your team can use as a persuasion cheat sheet.


For leaders and business owners who need to engage their staff through multiple communications channels, for sales and marketing teams who want better customer connection and for professionals looking to increase their presence throughout their organisations and communities.


  • A capacity to form persuasive sales arguments and engaging internal communications and presentations
  • Increased self confidence and social awareness
  • A capacity to get others to buy your products and buy in to your message, your organisation as well as your goals and purpose
  • Tools that help you move from nervous presenter to captivating speaker

Stand Out

#Purpose #Positioning #Identity

How to negate the competition and become the stand out choice by understanding the forces that drive all human behaviour - identity and purpose!


We’re living in an age of increasing competition - for attention, staff and our share of the market. In fact, in an economy where consumers are more “promiscuous” in terms of who they do business with, where employees have more choices available to them in who they work for and how they spend their time and where the definition of "community" is shifting from demographics and geography to psychographics and values, this is increasingly important conversation for all of us.

To stand out in this rapidly shifting environment, we need to first understand what we stand for, who we stand with, what we stand against and how we’re prepared to stand up. This clarity drives informs both our purpose and our positioning.


For leaders, businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to stand out in the marketplace and in their organisations by becoming the go to thought leader and obvious choice in their industry.


  • Attract followers and build a culture of the willing
  • A team built around shared values, language & collaborative experiences
  • Sales based on who you help customers to be - starting with WHO
  • Performance and personal change through clarifying purpose

#Leadership #Change #Strategy

Do more than manage change… lead it!


We’re living in an age of unprecedented change - industries are consolidating, careers are transitioning, business models are modifying and AI and robotics are transforming the way we think about work. But is there more to change than tech?

We believe there are three spheres of influence in #ChangeLeadership - what’s changing, what needs changing and what is unchanging. Most of our focus is on what’s changing, there are some of us who are innovating at the fringes and driving what needs changing, however, very few of us have paid any attention to what’s unchanging. Ironically, this is where most of our power lies.

This exciting and inspiring Co-Keynote, delivered by the Co-Founders of The Impossible Institute, is the futurist keynote you’ve been waiting for - it’s not about scaring you to death with predictions of a dystopian future, it’s about equipping you to lead the change you wish to see in the world - now & tomorrow.


Whether you’re a leader, an organisation or an individual trying to navigate change and wondering how to construct a strategy to not only survive, but thrive, this is the presentation for you.


  • Increased awareness of what’s changing in the way we work, how we exchange value, how we solve problems and ultimately interrelate
  • Tools to develop a strategy to lead what needs changing
  • And understanding of what is unchanging and where to invest your time, money and energy in terms of training, education and skills development


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