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Kieran Flanagan is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at The Impossible Institute™, a strategic think-tank that helps organizations make positive change and make change positive! 

For over twenty years, Kieran Flanagan has been one of the most influential leaders in the creative industries. A Social Researcher & Business Strategist, Kieran is a speaker, author, educator and mentor who helps individuals, teams, leaders and organizations navigate the business world of the future and unlock their critical and creative thinking. 

In addition to being one of the only female leaders from the world of MadMen, Kieran Flanagan was also one of the youngest Creative Directors to lead an award-winning advertising agency.

In an impressive career, she has lead multi-national accounts across multi-disciplinary departments and businesses working at McCann, Smart, Kindred and VCD (a team she helped found and build into the “Agency of the Year” within her first three years in the industry).

In that time, Kieran also:

Directed the Strategic and Creative team behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history

Designed the Innovation Curriculum for The Entourage - Australia’s largest Entrepreneurship Education Organization

Won awards around the world for creativity, effectiveness and Return On Investment

Developed new product lines for Coca-Cola and Unilever

Invented new media formats for News Corp

Created interaction systems for categories as diverse as fast food chains and government departments

Trained the current generation of creative leaders as a director at Australia’s premier creative school, AWARD, and as a senior lecturer at The Miami Ad School

Co-authored business trend analysis book “Shift” and behavioral treatise “Selfish, Scared & Stupid” with her business partner Dan Gregory.

Kieran Flanagan helps organizations develop capabilities in Creative & Critical Intelligence,  speaking to audiences as diverse as the United Nations in Singapore (as part of a group working to end human trafficking), innovation teams for Coca Cola, leadership forums for the “Big 4” Banking Corporations and Facilitated Education Innovation Summits. All while producing work for markets as far flung as the United States, Russia, Asia, Europe and as a content partner to TEDx Sydney.

Kieran is a passionate advocate for the commercial power of creativity and helping organisations develop future intelligence.



Re-Think Un-Think Out-Think

Why tomorrow's competitive advantage is all in your mind.

Our performance is no longer a function of our knowledge or understanding. Nor is it necessarily linked to our capability or proficiency within existing processes. Brain training has increased our processor speed, but now we need to update our mental software too.

Today’s metric for high performance is mental and strategic agility. An ability to think, un-think, re-think and most critically out-Think!

Whether you’re a leader who needs to develop strategies to out-wit the competition, a sales person looking to be more responsive and persuasive on your feet or an individual looking to develop an edge and some business savvy, being flexible in the way we think about problems and solutions is critical.

Key to remaining competitive is a willingness develop your cognitive elasticity and adopt thinking habits that are more innovative and take us out of default patterns and reflex reactions. Think of this keynote presentation as “Luminosity for the business brain”.

In this exciting and thought-provoking presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

How leaders can change the game by changing the frame they view their strategy through

How managers can encourage a culture of creative & critical thinking - driving innovation and better strategic solutions

How sales and marketing teams can develop an agility mindset that helps them think on their feet and be more proactive and alert

Tools that help individuals bring better ideas to the table and use better judgement in assessing them

Team Genius

How Collaborative Intelligence (We-Q™) and team design drive performance and innovation.

Success today is as much a cultural capability as it is the sum total of all the individual performances within the team.

As our work takes on increasing levels of complexity and we develop technology that facilitates hyper-connectivity - demanding ever greater transparency and accountability - so too our teams and systems need to become more connected and collaborative.

However, as is always the case when you're dealing with human beings, when teams form we experience friction points, unconscious biases, prejudices and habitual behaviors that can prevent a team performing at their best.

More than that, one of the issues teams suffer from is a lack of diversity (which is about more than gender, age and sexual orientation). This can leave teams suffering from contextual blindness and strategic breakage points that leave our business mission & vision vulnerable.

In this timely and inspiring presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

How leaders can structure their teams to drive both a shared sense of purpose and productive tension

How managers can design their systems, processes and metrics to make collaboration more likely... and enjoyable

How sales and marketing teams can adopt a more collaborative approach to cross selling by using Co-PIs™ not just KPIs

How individuals can achieve greater personal success and a sense of purpose and belonging through team identity

Future Intelligence

The trends and skills that are shaping the future of business, society and success.

It's almost become cliché to bemoan change in a business context. In fact, change fatigue is often blamed for rising disengagement, strategic procrastination and a lack of purpose and direction in the work that we do. But perhaps this is to view change entirely the wrong way.

Our tendency to focus reactively on what is changing (particularly those changes we weren't anticipating or those that throw our plans into chaos - or at least "review") tends to exacerbate this sense of overwhelm. However, the problem also results from a lack of focus on the other two facets of Change Leadership - what needs changing and what's not changing.

Truthfully, if you're not leading change, you're not leading at all - the status quo can do very well without us for the most part. Whereas an insightful awareness of the trends and opportunities that are emerging in our values, our society, in business models, technology, communications and the marketplace make this about the most exciting time to be alive... but only for those willing to embrace Future Intelligence.

In this fun and liberating presentation, Kieran Flanagan will reveal:

The trends shaping technology & communications, society & culture, our values & institutions, the marketplace and the economy

How leaders and managers can use this insightful awareness to navigate change and build cultures that feed on it rather than live at mercy of it

How sales and marketing teams can use future trends as a filter for opportunity within new markets and new product applications

How individuals can develop a sense of mental agility that thrives in, and even craves, the energy of a business experiencing change

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