Power Positioning™

If you're a Thought Leader, a Professional or Entrepreneurs looking to amplify their influence and develop commercial clarity around your competitive advantage... you're in the right place.

What makes you a leader in your category or industry?

What is it that asserts your uniqueness amongst your peers?

What helps you stand out in a group of professional competitors as an authority, a thought leader, the “go-to” expert in your field?

Certainly, your knowledge and experience play an important part in this process, but in our opinion, what's more important is how you position yourself, the personal brand you create and the intellectual property you develop that elevates you from a high-performance player to industry innovator and influencer.

Unfortunately, our positioning often lies buried in the technicalities of what we do and hides behind formulaic “elevator pitches” and generic descriptions of our product and service offering. In other words, we're too busy talking about our "stuff" to be communicating value!

A better, and far more commercial, approach is to develop Power Positioning. A unique tone of voice that uses powerful language, proprietary IP and professional profile building to create clarity in your offer and a “blue ocean” opportunity in the market place built around the true value exchange you bring to the party.

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Power Positioning™

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Brand Stand II

Obviously, we'd like you to believe that what we do is "magic" and just being in our presence helps generate professional fame. Actually, we are pretty awesome but that's only partially true.

The truth is, over the course of the day, we'll run you through some proprietary IP of our own that helps you unpack all the smarts that live in your head and helps you repack it in a more compelling way. These are the processes we've used to help build brands that have become household names and the strategies that helped us create the most successful new product launch in Australian history.

Ultimately, we believe your brand, or reputation, is not what you say about yourself, but what others say about you when you're not in the room.

In other words, we tend to spend more time on the stands you're prepared to take than the brand you're trying to make.

Sound like fun? Sound like hard work? It is.

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Here's what we're going to do.

So, for those of you who struggle to get out of bed without an agenda, here's a brief outline of some of the work we'll do together:

  • Defining what your personal Stands look like - this sits at the heart of what we do.
  • Exploring, naming and planning your personal IP Campaign (This might include: Books, Articles, Posts, Presentations and White Papers set you apart from the rest of your field and elevate your presence in the market place).
  • How to build leverage through a unique language & personality palette 
  • How to powerfully pitch yourself, your business, your services not through the nuts and bolts of what you do, but through the value you provide.
  • How to move from "Story-Telling" to "Story-Doing" and in doing so become a hero in the eyes of those you serve.

So once this day is over, who will you have become?

What you walk away with.

Our goal is to help you amplify your thought leadership, clarify your personal brand and commercialize your professional positioning in such a way that you move from having to "Push" what you do to generating a little "Pull". in that way, we're a little like dating consultants... we're gonna help you pull!

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Power Positioning™

Who you'll work with.

an Gregory & Kieran Flanagan are the Co-Founders, CEO & Chief Creative Officer at the Impossible Institute™, a strategic think-tank that helps leaders, individuals and organizations make positive change and make change positive. 

For over twenty years, they have worked in the fields of Creativity, Communications and Behavioral Strategy applying their considerable experience to social change programs for the United Nations in Singapore and White Ribbon in Australia, to category re-inventions for the likes of Coca-Cola, Unilever and News Corp. in Australasia, Asia & Europe and to leadership development programs for organizations in categories as diverse as Banking & Finance, Education, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals and in Real Estate & Retail in Australia, Asia and the USA.

Having been named in the "Top 25 Speakers to watch" by Meetings & Conventions USA and as the authors of behavioral treatise, Selfish Scared & Stupid™, they are highly in demand as speakers, trainers and mentors to leadership teams around the world.

For more on Dan, visit Dan Gregory Speaker

For more on Kieran, visit Kieran Flanagan Speaker


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An extraordinary ability to solve highly complicated and political problems.


Kieran and Dan facilitated a highly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking workshop around entrepreneurship, risk taking and decision making within a highly regulated environment. 


Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan did a phenomenal job. Both Gregory and Flanagan were personable, professional, and very engaging.




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