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The Impossible Institute™ has worked on a huge range of issues and opportunities developing strategies and solutions to complicated and often political problems including:

  1. Social Change Strategies for The United Nations in Singapore & White Ribbon Australia
  2. Guided Innovation days for The Australian Public Service & Pharma Industries in the UK
  3. Business Model workshops for Entrepreneurs in the US, Asia & Australia
  4. Directed Process Design Sessions for Retailers in Asia & Australia
  5. Education & Engagement Programs for Banking Corporations
  6. Business Strategy & Leadership Mentoring



Workshops to "Unlock your Genius"


The Impossible Institute offers three full-day “Unlock your Genius” Workshops designed to help you and your team develop tools and techniques to: (a) create a compelling and commercial purpose that aligns personal & business objectives (b) to identify your strengths and turn weaknesses into assets - lifting both personal and team performance, and (c) to expand your field of possibility driving innovation, category leadership and greater resilience and more effective problem solving. These programs are for leaders, teams and professionals who understand that, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.

3 Workshops designed to Unlock your Genius & help your team “think different”:

1.  On PurposeLearn how to generate a purpose that aligns commercial ambitions with customer desires and personal motivations. And, just as importantly, how to amplify this vision throughout your organisation so that it is potently evident at every touch point. This workshop helps to create greater alignment between the organisational vision of the ELT with employee  behaviours and community expectations.

2.  Performance by Design: Learn how design beats discipline and motivation when it comes to performance, Identify your strengths (plus their hidden flaws and shadows) and transform your weaknesses into capabilities. This workshop provides tools that allow individuals and teams to drive peak performance - independent of engagement - as well as increasing team cohesion and collaboration through an appreciation of others’ talents and aptitudes.

3.  Possibility Thinking: Learn tools and techniques for moving beyond default thinking frames and contextual blind spots and discover how to solve problems more effectively whilst generating more innovative ideas - consistently, congruently and deliberately! This workshop helps leaders and professionals develop fluid intelligence, think more creatively on their feet as well as sharpening the skills and awareness to identify opportunities, develop concepts, prototype risks and iterate more quickly and successfully. The result is a team that is more resilient, agile and flexible in dealing with change, challenges and crisis.

Workshops to "Increase your Influence"


Our three “Increase your Influence” Workshops have been created to give participants more confidence in their communication, increased self-awareness as well as helping them identify their own thought leadership and competitive advantage within their organisation and in the marketplace. These three one-day programs are designed to help leaders, individuals and businesses to (a) define their personal and business positioning in a powerful and compelling way, (b) to identify and understand the 4 core personality profiles they’ll encounter in the marketplace, with the customers they serve and within the team they work with using a "speed archetype” system, and (c) provide them with presentation training that helps them take their powers of persuasion up to level “MadMen”!

3 Workshops designed to "Increase your influence & help your team develop more persuasive communication:

1.  Persuasive PresentingLearn a simple framework for constructing more persuasive arguments, for aligning values and for creating engagement within your team and with your customers. In this workshop you'll find a safe space to test and refine your communications skills and get feedback from professional speakers, presenters and stand up comedians. You'll walk away with a clear sense of your personal "voice", increased confidence in your ability to speak publicly and professionally and a bullet proof presentation and stories you can deliver with conviction. 

2.  Personality Profiling: Learn to “read the room” and communicate more effectively with the different personality types within your team and amongst your customers. In this workshop, you and your team will develop a shared language and learn a “speed archetype” system that helps short-circuit conflicts, drives greater understanding and empathy as well as building greater rapport and negotiation skills.

3.  Power Positioning: Learn how to frame your unique skills, beliefs and ambitions in a way that makes you a thought leader in your industry and the obvious choice in the market place. Too often we bury the very thing that makes us unique in an attempt to "fit in". This "smoothing over the edges" is often a commercial mistake. After this workshop, you'll have a clearer vision of what you stand for, who you stand with, what you stand against and how they add up to help you STAND OUT! All that's left is for you to do, is to Stand Up!

Lead the Change™ - Leadership Development Program


Our Lead the Change™ Leadership Program develops the three fundamental capabilities to Make Positive Change & Make Change Positive™: Inspiration: Your capacity to increase your influence, define a vision and lead your people to it. Innovation: Your willingness to unlock your genius and lead your category and the marketplace into the future. And Implementation: Your ability to lead change and deliver strategic performance and results by making powerful decisions. Lead the Change™ is delivered across 4-12 months (the latter being the norm) and includes 4 immersive training days applied to the four types of leadership listed below, 3 group mentoring days, 2 sessions with subject matter experts chosen to fit your organisation’s specific needs, and a focussed project to drive accountability, make progress visible and ensure what is learned drives a commercial outcome and is not simply an academic exercise.

A complete leadership curriculum designed to help leaders build “Change Positive™” cultures:

1.  Self-Leadership

The "Self-Leadership" Immersion focuses on developing self awareness, uncovering your strengths and most importantly, transforming your weaknesses into assets. This training day includes unpacking unconscious biases and creating a consciousness about where your blindspots are and designing systems that support you and your team in achieving peak performance.

2.  Team Leadership

It's been said that a true leader is defined not by how they lead, but by who follows them and how willingly they do so. This immersion explores team design as well as how to drive greater collaboration, increased cohesion and clearer lines of communication. A leader never has absolute control over the culture that emerges in an organisation, however they can, and should, define the environment and the expectations that allow it to flourish.

3.  Market Leadership

This immersion offers perhaps the greatest commercial impact and growth for leaders and organisations. We'll work with your leaders and teams to define your Innovation Lens™ - the value exchange through which all commercial decisions can be measured and aligned with your strategic metrics. Our belief is that Innovation is a critical leadership capability - that it is more than just new product or service design - it is the capacity to define the future of, not just an organisation, but of an industry as the market leader.

4.  Thought Leadership

If you're not leading positive change, are you really leading at all? We're inclined to think, "Not so much"! That's why this training day helps your leadership teams to develop a unique leadership voice, to increase their standing as industry influencers and to create greater synchronicity between both reputation and implementation. They’ll examine the themes of legacy, reputation, personal brand, mentoring and succession planning.


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