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Design Thinking Workshops


The Impossible Institute’s Design Thinking Workshops will give your team the tools to generate creative ideas, prototype risk and explore innovation. Our belief is that innovation is actually category leadership - a process of exploring the future of an entire industry through the lens of value. These three one-day programs will give you tools for mining insights, building highly collaborative teams and expanding your field of possibility through our Impossible Thinking™ process. These programs are for leaders and teams who understand that, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

Design Thinking Workshops Available:

1.  Insights & Innovation Mining: Learn a process and techniques for generating innovative ideas ‘on purpose’

2.  Collaboration & Team Design: Raise your collective intelligence with team design that amplifies cognitive diversity

3.  Ideation & Issue Hacking: We believe we can do better than brainstorming – The Impossible Thinking™ process will unlock your creativity and help you break through biases and blind spots

Outcomes & Takeaways:

  • Skills that will help you identify opportunities, develop concepts, prototype possibilities, and iterate on your ideas
  • Bespoke programs built around challenges unique to your organisation
  • Greater team cohesion and appreciation of others’ strengths
  • Feedback from experienced innovation consultants
  • A framework for helping sell innovative ideas up and throughout the organisation and shepherd  innovations to market

Communication Mastery Workshops


The Impossible Institute’s Communication Workshops are designed to give participants confidence in the communication, increased self-awareness and empathy for others values hierarchies and the meaning filters as well as creating a shared language that helps diffuse conflict and drive clarity within your team. These three one day programs are designed to help leaders, individuals and businesses define their purpose and positioning, understand the core 4 archetypes in the people they work with and how they filter communications & behaviour and provide presentation training that helps them take their persuasive skills up to level “MadMen”

Communication Workshops Available:

1.  Purpose & Positioning: Create clarity around your professional purpose and define a competitive position in the market

2.  Personality Archetypes: Learn to “read the room” and communicate more effectively with different personality types in your team

3.  Pitch Present & Persuade: A team of professional speakers and stand up comedians will help you craft and deliver bullet proof presentations

Outcomes & Takeaways:

  • Tools that help you define your purpose in a competitive way
  • A shared language for understanding human motivation and our default value filters
  • A framework for constructing persuasive arguments
  • Feedback from professional speakers and presenters
  • A safe space to test and refine your communications skills with professional peers


The Impossible Institute™ has worked on a huge range of issues and opportunities developing strategies and solutions to complicated and often political problems including:

  1. Social Change Strategies for The United Nations in Singapore & White Ribbon Australia
  2. Guided Innovation days for The Australian Public Service & Pharma Industries in the UK
  3. Business Model workshops for Entrepreneurs in the US, Asia & Australia
  4. Directed Process Design Sessions for Retailers in Asia & Australia
  5. Education & Engagement Programs for Banking Corporations
  6. Business Strategy & Leadership Mentoring



The #ChangeLeadership Program is available as a complete Leadership Development Curriculum, but individual Skills Modules are also available as full or half day Masterclasses. The program delivers against the three core capabilities of #ChangeLeadership - bolder ideas and Innovation, greater influence and Inspiration and powerful accountability and Implementation.


Change Leadership Venn Diagram

1. Innovation

Creativity is less a talent than it is a learned discipline. Innovation modules cover:


Strategic Awareness

Insight Driven Strategy will encourage  you to see the world through the eyes of others - your customers, your team and your community. This is a deep dive into what’s truly running your business.


Issue Hacking & Design Thinking

Issue Hacking & Design Thinking give you a methodology for understanding new product & process design through The Innovation Lens™ - based on value exchange. This is more than NPD, it is risk prototyping & Future Hacking.


Team Design & Diversity

Collaborative Team Design will enable you to design your team for maximum collective intelligence, cognitive diversity and collaborative intelligence - it will shift your your focus from KPIs to Co-PIs.

2. Inspiration

We are all in the business of selling - be it ideas, beliefs or behaviours. Inspiration modules include:


Purpose & Positioning

Purpose & Positioning helps you build a personal and professional brand that moves you from “push” to “pull” by understanding the 4 stands that define you - for, with, against & up.


Pitch Present & Persuade

Pitch Present & Persuade will help you master what Jerry Seinfeld calls a fear greater than death - public speaking. This equip you to pitch to clients and customers and persuade your team.


Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling is a distillation of the archetype theories of Aristotle, Jung, Myers Briggs, DISC & Glynn Braddy. However, this system helps you "read the room" without complicated testing.

3. Implementation

Ideas without execution are impotent. The Implementation program works through:


4 • 3 • 2 • 1

4-3-2-1 is a complete Change Leadership Curriculum delivering skills based training, and importantly, provides a framework & process to facilitate the change you’re leading.


Team Focus

Team Focus is the “1” in the 4321 program. It is the tangible output  that your team members will work on and pitch to your Board at the conclusion - this is our critical take away.


Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring is an integral part of Change Leadership Implementation. It’s an opportunity for the team to feedback their wins & frustrations as well as giving them the guidence to stay on track.

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