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Why we need to rethink motivation and engagement

By Dan Gregory   For most of this discussion, I’ll be referring to the above Motivation & Engagement Model that I’ve borrowed from Colin James –  I’ve used the words Motivated and Unmotivated in place of Colin’s “Active and Passive” – partly because it makes more sense in this context, but mostly so I can do…

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How to move from Storytelling to Story Doing

By Dan Gregory   It’s hard to argue against the power story telling wields as a tool of influence and persuasion. Indeed, it is one of the oldest and most revered of our communication tools, one that allows us to take mundane facts and pedestrian ideas and render them memorable, personal and pass-on-able. In fact, virtually every…

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Is Self-Help making you feel worse?

By Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan Originally published with SUCCESS   Isn’t personal development or self-help meant to inspire us so that we can make our lives better? It’s supposed to motivate us, but does it? That’s a question we sometimes face in the self-improvement industry, where the difference between where we are and where we want to be…

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