We make what's not... possible!

What if our limitations are imagined?

What if we could "in-source" our out-thinking?

What if we learned to ask Impossible Questions?

These impossible questions are a core part of our methodology.

Sometimes, extraordinary possibilities are hiding behind an impossible thought that no one has explored for long enough.

We help organizations drive large scale change through Capabilities Development & Strategic Consulting.

We do this through speaking engagements, leadership off-sites, staff development programs, engagement campaigns and behavioral design strategy.

Put simply, we design solutions to big hairy problems.

Our focus is Human Behavior and the future of business - why we do the things we do and how we can do those things more consciously, effectively and purposefully.

We've worked with Governments and NGOs helping build strategies to fight human trafficking and drive innovation. 

We've supported multinational professional services firms, helping train their future leaders and partners to become more engaging communicators, more strategic leaders and ultimately to become rainmakers for the business.

We've designed environments, processes and behavioral strategies for large financial organizations, retail chains and manufacturing businesses that make the surprising, the exceptional, the "story worthy", much more likely. 

We develop internal capablities through:

Workshop Icon ID8


Ideation and a capacity to out-think are tomorrow's competitive advantage. The problem is, words like creativity and innovation are spark a lot of commentary and more than a few definitions. This is ours: “Innovation is category leadership". Rather than simply being New Product Development or Systems Design it is a strategic and cultural process that determines the future direction of an entire category or industry. We believe that’s the game we should all be playing.

This workshop is critical for Leaders, Management, members of R&D and Marketing as well as cross-silo Thought Leaders inside organizations who are committed to I.D.8. on Purpose - generating ideas deliberately, consistently and congruently!

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Pitch, Present & Persuade

No matter what you do for a living, you're in sales. You might be selling a vision, building buy-in with your team or exciting your customers. It's just selling down, selling up and selling to. Make no mistake about it, your professional and business success is driven by your capacity to engage, influence and persuade. The problem is, few of us have learned how to present effectively, fewer still understand the nuance of the pitch and persuasion is often dismissed as a “soft-skill” or worse, a dark art!

This workshop is specifically designed for organizations who recognise the power of being able to PITCH, PRESENT & PERSUADE and are determined to build a team that is more influential, engaged and engaging.

Workshop Icon Read the Room

Read the Room

Each of us is a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses. However, there are patterns in the way we perceive information, how we hear meaning and how we see our place in the world. One of the most critical tools used to navigate these tendencies, to drive empathy and promote clarity in communication is an ability to read personality archetypes. A skill with archetypes informs preferred methods of communication as well as unconscious biases and hidden motivations that lead to more effective understanding and communications.

This workshop is ideal for leaders who recognize that and ability to READ THE ROOM is the key to commanding influence and engagement.

Workshop Icon Stand Out

Stand Out

All of us operate within the reputation economy. Whether we are part of a large corporation, building a small start-up, working in professional services or simply doing our best to command attention in a competitive market place, our personal brand is a core asset. And though no one will ever share this with you, fame is more powerful than substance. In other words, a capacity to build and nurture your reputation, to elevate your brand and increase your share of voice, contributes more to your ultimate success than simply working hard and waiting for it to be acknowledged.

This workshop is for those who recognize the importance of their brand and are willing to do what it takes to drive their reputation, attract business and STAND OUT!

Dan Gregory CEO Bio

Dan Gregory


Dan Gregory is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of The Impossible Institute™, a strategic think-tank that helps organizations understand what motivates the staff, customers and communities so that they can make what’s not… possible! 

A Behavioural Researcher & Motivation Strategist, Dan works as a speaker, author, educator, and social commentator,

Dan’s specialization is behavior and belief systems – our drives, our motives, the things that make us buy and the things that make us buy in. In short, the business of human motivation.

Dan helps leaders, managers, sales teams, marketers and individuals understand what inspires them toward action, what influences their behavior, what light sthem up and builds cultures of the willing. In doing so, he helps them develop more influence in their business and personal lives.

Leading one of the country’s most prolific creative teams, Dan has helped develop new product lines for Coca-Cola and Unilever, invented new media formats for News Corp, created interaction systems for categories as diverse as fast food chains and government departments and launched internal and external engagement campaigns for companies as varied as News Ltd, Vodafone and MTV.

In that time, Dan also

  • Directed the strategic and creative team behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history with business partner, Kieran Flanagan
  • Oversaw the most successful brand ressurection achieved anywhere in the world.
  • He works as a White Ribbon ambassador and serves as a Director on the Board helping to make violence against women a man's issue too
  • He is a partner and ambassador for Thought Leaders Global - an organization dedicated to helping smart people be commercially smart also.

Dan is a captivating speaker whose business acumen is matched by a rapier wit and rare human insight gained during a three year sabbatical working on the US and UK stand-up comedy circuits – skills put to great use in front of millions of viewers as a regular on ABC TV’s “Gruen” series.

His mission is to elevate and transform our understanding of Human Motivation and help those he works with to become key people of influence.

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Kieran Flanagan CCO Bio

Kieran Flanagan


Kieran Flanagan is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at the Impossible Institute™, a strategic think-tank that helps organizations design the future of business and make what’s not… possible! 

For over twenty years, Kieran Flanagan has been one of the most influential leaders in the creative industries. A Social Futurist & Innovation Strategist, Kieran is a speaker, author, educator and mentor who helps individuals, teams, leaders and organizations navigate the business world of the future. 

In addition to being one of the only female leaders from the world of MadMen, Kieran was also one of the youngest Creative Directors to lead an award-winning advertising agency. In an impressive career, she has lead multi-national accounts across multi-disciplinary departments and businesses working at McCann, Smart, Kindred and VCD (a team she helped found and build into the “Agency of the Year” within her first three years in the industry).

In that time, Kieran also:

  • Directed the Strategic and Creative team behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history
  • Designed the Innovation Curriculum for The Entourage - Australia’s largest Entrepreneurship Education Organzation
  • Won awards around the world for creativity, effectiveness and Return On Iinvestment
  • Developed new product lines for Coca-Cola and Unilever
  • Invented new media formats for News Corp
  • Created interaction systems for categories as diverse as fast food chains and government departments
  • Trained the current generation of creative leaders as a director at Australia’s premier creative school, AWARD, and as a senior lecturer at The Miami Ad School
  • Co-authored business trend analysis book “Shift” and behavioral treatise “Selfish, Scared & Stupid” with her business partner Dan Gregory.

Kieran has spoken to audiences as diverse as the United Nations in Singapore (as part of a group working to end human trafficking), innovation teams for Coca Cola, leadership forums for the “Big 4” Banking Corporations and Facilitated Education Innovation Summits. All while producing work for markets as far flung as the United States, Russia, Asia, Europe and as a content partner to TEDx Sydney.

Kieran is a passionate advocate for the commercial power of creativity and helping organizations design the businesses of the future.

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How smaller businesses work with us.

Stones for David™ is The Impossible Institute's business and brand strategy program specifically designed for the needs of Small Business and Entrepreneurs. We facilitate:

• Business Strategy

• Engagement Strategy

• Creative Strategy

• Implementation Strategy

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What if we harnessed Human Nature?

OK, we realize a book about human nature called Selfish Scared & Stupid doesn't sound like a compliment. But in fact, these are the three features of our essential natures that have helped us to survive and thrive.

Put simply, this is a book about how our survival brain calls dibs on all of our initial decision making. And while this "reptilian" part of the brain is not as exciting as the pre-frontal cortex, it is critical to human behavior and performance.

The truth is, the more you're able to anchor desired behavior in personal gain, whilst mitigating risk (be it reputational, financial, physical or personal) and the more you can reduce the friction in the process and create a sense of ease and simplicity, the higher your chances of success.

Of course you could just take the title personally... but then, that would kinda prove our point now, wouldn't it?

Get your copy as Wiley, Booktopia, Dymocks or through Amazon.


"An extraordinary ability to solve highly complicated and political problems."


"Kieran and Dan facilitated a highly engaging, entertaining and thought provoking workshop around entrepreneurship, risk taking and decision making within a highly regulated environment."  


"Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan did a phenomenal job during their insightful presentation at the iMedia Brand Summit. Both Gregory and Flanagan were personable, professional, and very engaging."


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