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The Impossible Institute™ was founded by Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan as a strategic think-tank to help leaders, individuals and organisations develop strategies that drive engagement and change. 

For over twenty years, Kieran and Dan have worked in the fields of Creativity, Communications and Behavioural Strategy applying their considerable experience to social change programs for the United Nations in Singapore and White Ribbon in Australia, to category re-inventions for the likes of Coca-Cola, Unilever and News Corp. in Australasia, Asia & Europe and to leadership development programs for organisations in categories as diverse as Banking & Finance, Education, Technology, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals and in Real Estate & Retail in Australia, Asia and the USA.

The Impossible Institute exists to help smart people become people smart, to make positive change and make change positive and to educate businesses in how they can punch above their weight. 

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For Large Organisations

The Impossible Institute's Industry Leaders Program develops three fundamental leadership capabilities: Inspiration: Your capacity to increase your influence, define a vision and lead your people to it. Innovation: Your willingness to reinvent and lead your category and the marketplace into the future. And Implementation: Your ability to lead change and deliver strategic performance and results by making powerful decisions. Industry Leaders is delivered across 4-12 months (the latter being the norm) and includes 4 immersive training days applied to the four types of leadership listed below, 3 group mentoring days, 2 sessions with subject matter experts chosen to fit your organisation’s specific needs, and a focussed project to drive accountability, make progress visible and ensure what is learned drives a commercial outcome and is not simply an academic exercise.

A complete leadership curriculum:

1.  Self-Leadership

The "Self-Leadership" Immersion focuses on developing self awareness, uncovering your strengths and most importantly, transforming your weaknesses into assets. This training day includes unpacking unconscious biases and creating a consciousness about where your blindspots are and designing systems that support you and your team in achieving peak performance.

2.  Team Leadership

It's been said that a true leader is defined not by how they lead, but by who follows them and how willingly they do so. This immersion explores team design as well as how to drive greater collaboration, increased cohesion and clearer lines of communication. A leader never has absolute control over the culture that emerges in an organisation, however they can, and should, define the environment and the expectations that allow it to flourish.

3.  Market Leadership

This immersion offers perhaps the greatest commercial impact and growth for leaders and organisations. We'll work with your leaders and teams to define your Innovation Lens™ - the value exchange through which all commercial decisions can be measured and aligned with your strategic metrics. Our belief is that Innovation is a critical leadership capability - that it is more than just new product or service design - it is the capacity to define the future of, not just an organisation, but of an industry as the market leader.

4.  Thought Leadership

If you're not leading positive change, are you really leading at all? We're inclined to think, "Not so much"! That's why this training day helps your leadership teams to develop a unique leadership voice, to increase their standing as industry influencers and to create greater synchronicity between both reputation and implementation. They’ll examine the themes of legacy, reputation, personal brand, mentoring and succession planning.


For Entrepreneurs & SMB's

The Impossible Institute's Small Business Development series, known as "Stones for David", was created to serve a part of the business community that has been neglected by the majority of the marketing and communications industry – Small to Medium Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Professional Practices.

Neglected because, individually, they have limited purchasing power.

However, in a combined fifty year history of marketing and advertising effectiveness, and as veterans of entrepreneurial start-ups themselves, the founders of The Impossible Institute have built a powerful reputation for not just for launching new products into the market place successfully, but also for helping these small starts-ups take on industry heavy weights and, in some cases, become heavy weights themselves.

This includes the most successful new product launch in Australian history, Australia's most successful brand resurrection as well as launching household brand names like Nandos, and helping big John Symond launch Aussie Home Loans - "We'll save you!".

Today’s market place offers greater opportunities for small businesses than ever before and the digital revolution is putting the bloated, slow moving, reigning champions on notice.

There has never been a more critical time for small business to Think Big!


Consulting & Facilitation

The Impossible Institute™ has worked on a huge range of issues and opportunities developing strategies and solutions to complicated and often political problems including:

  1. Social Change Strategies for The United Nations in Singapore & White Ribbon Australia
  2. Guided Innovation days for The Australian Public Service & Pharma Industries in the UK
  3. Business Model workshops for Entrepreneurs in the US, Asia & Australia
  4. Directed Process Design Sessions for Retailers in Asia & Australia
  5. Education & Engagement Programs for Banking Corporations
  6. Business Strategy & Leadership Mentoring

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