The Impossible Institute™ was founded by Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan as a strategic think-tank to helps leaders, individuals and organisations develop strategies that drive engagement and change. 

For over twenty years, Kieran and Dan have worked in the fields of Creativity, Communications and Behavioural Strategy applying their considerable experience to social change programs for the United Nations in Singapore and White Ribbon in Australia, to category re-inventions for the likes of Coca-Cola, Unilever and News Corp. in Australasia, Asia & Europe and to leadership development programs for organisations in categories as diverse as Banking & Finance, Education, Technology, Health Care & Pharmaceuticals and in Real Estate & Retail in Australia, Asia and the USA.

The Impossible Institute exists to help smart people become people smart, to make positive change and make change positive and to educate businesses in how they can punch above their weight. 

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We're living in an age of unprecedented change defined by a Digital Revolution, Information Overload, Business “Model-fication”, Rising Disengagement, Expectation Inflation and Change Fatigue.

All the while, futurists and economists are making predictions that alternate between the surreal but exciting to the catastrophically frightening with neither offering much in the way of what we can actually do about it. Change is a given... now what?

We believe the broader change landscape requires a new kind of leadership - one that is more creative, more connected and more courageous - and that our capacity to lead change determines both our emotional response to it and our engagement with and around it.

The reality is, we tend to only fear the change that is thrust upon us, while enthusiastically welcoming the change we actively seek. The fear of change, therefore, is more about the absence of control, and indeed, leadership.

The Impossible Institute runs leadership development programs all around the world.

I'm ready to lead the change I wish to see in the world... tell me more!


The Impossible Institute's Small Business Development series, known as "Stones for David", was created to serve a part of the business community that has been neglected by the majority of the marketing and communications industry – Small to Medium Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Practices.

Neglected because, individually, they have limited purchasing power.

However, in a combined fifty year history of marketing and advertising effectiveness, and as veterans of entrepreneurial start-ups themselves, the founders of The Impossible Institute have built a powerful reputation for not just for launching new products into the market place successfully, but also for helping these small starts-ups take on industry heavy weights and, in some cases, become heavy weights themselves.

This includes the most successful new product launch in Australian history, Australia's most successful brand resurrection as well as launching household brand name, Nandos, and helping big John Symond launch Aussie Home Loans - "We'll save you!".

Today’s market place offers greater opportunities for small businesses than ever before and the digital revolution is putting the bloated, slow moving, reigning champions on notice.

There has never been a more critical time for small business to Think Big!

I'm ready to think big... tell me more.


4 ways to avoid unconscious bias and situational blindness

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | January 28, 2018

By Dan Gregory   Most of what we believe, even with conviction and assuredness, may possibly be completely mistaken or, at least, fundamentally flawed.  Now, that is quite a statement, but it bears thinking about and indeed reviewing with the cold and emotionless detachment of an independently appointed statistician. This can be a particularly important consideration;…

Why every court (or Board or ELT) needs a jester and how to avoid becoming the fool

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | January 27, 2018

By Dan Gregory   You may be familiar with the phrase, “an ability to talk truth to power.” This has always been the role of the jester, or fool. The latter moniker was probably adopted as an insurance against misinterpretation and reprimand… “I’m just the fool, you can’t take anything I say seriously.” The usefulness of…

5 reasons why we need to abandon hope & 1 reason why you might want to keep it

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | January 27, 2018

By Dan Gregory   That’s right, today I’m BBQin’ some motivational sacred cow! Now I know this is going to offend some of you – this will challenge some long held beliefs, make the “hope police” angry and I imagine a good portion of you might experience some minor sphincter tightening – but I’m going to say it anyway:…

Why we need to rethink motivation and engagement

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | January 26, 2018

By Dan Gregory   For most of this discussion, I’ll be referring to the above Motivation & Engagement Model that I’ve borrowed from Colin James –  I’ve used the words Motivated and Unmotivated in place of Colin’s “Active and Passive” – partly because it makes more sense in this context, but mostly so I can do…

How to move from Storytelling to Story Doing

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | January 24, 2018

By Dan Gregory   It’s hard to argue against the power story telling wields as a tool of influence and persuasion. Indeed, it is one of the oldest and most revered of our communication tools, one that allows us to take mundane facts and pedestrian ideas and render them memorable, personal and pass-on-able. In fact, virtually every…

How to say it so they can hear it

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | January 23, 2018

By Dan Gregory   “You can’t handle the truth!” So said Jack Nicholson in A few good men. And he’s right. The truth is; we are all delicate flowers wrapped in paper-thin skins, indulging unconscious (and occasionally conscious) biases and prejudices. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, half of us are below average intelligence! So, did…

Why you should forget work life balance and have cocktails instead

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | January 22, 2018

By Kieran Flanagan   Work life balance makes me vomit in my mouth a little. It’s one of those phrases used constantly but in truth it sets all of us up to fail. I prefer the notion of work life blending. Here’s why. Work life balance is an oppositional concept.  On one side we  have life and…

You’re boring and it’s costing you

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | January 22, 2018

By Dan Gregory   I imagine about now you’re thinking, “Wow, thanks for the positive affirmation.” But hear me out, because we’re pretty sure it’s not your personality, it’s simply who you are at work and consequently, what defines your personal brand. For some reason, otherwise interesting and personable people tend to put on their work clothes…

Is Self-Help making you feel worse?

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | June 8, 2016

By Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan Originally published with SUCCESS   Isn’t personal development or self-help meant to inspire us so that we can make our lives better? It’s supposed to motivate us, but does it? That’s a question we sometimes face in the self-improvement industry, where the difference between where we are and where we want to be…

Rethinking the S.W.O.T. Analysis

By Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan | June 1, 2016

BY Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan Originally published with The CEO Magazine   Anyone who’s sat through a strategic workshop at anytime during the past decade will be familiar with the SWOT analysis. Simply put, it stands for Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats and has informed not only planning days and leadership forums but also a large majority of…

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